New Jamo 360 Series – S35HCS & S25HCS

The Jamo 360 Series is both a visual and acoustic statement in your home or commercial space.

By utilizing Jamo’s patented Omniguide acoustic dispersion technology, the 360 Series provides a completely unique, immersive listening experience. This is based on the principle that sound should be omnidirectional rather than directional and “forced”, providing for a non-room dependent listening experience—where every spot is the sweet spot.

Its traditional Danish design and high gloss and polished aluminum finish makes the 360 series a show-stopping conversation piece at your next dinner party. With its versatile wall mounting position, the 360 series is just as comfortable being your invisible integrated audio solution as it is being the centerpiece of your room.

The Jamo 360 Series is a true statement on modern acoustic and visual taste.

Home Cinema Series Packages

360 S35 HCS (4 x 360 S35 + 360 C35)

360 S25 HCS (5 x 360 S25)

The S.R.P. of  S35HCS is HK$7,990 and S25HCS is HK$ 5,390.


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